Carpenter, construction worker, craftsman, educator, writer/producer, TV personality – Tommy MacDonald has worn all these hats with skill and attitude and boisterous success.

Tommy grew up in the greater Boston area, the eighth of nine kids. Tommy’s earliest education using tools started with his father and attending a voc-tech high school, which led to a 4-year union carpentry apprenticeship program. Over the years working as a journeyman carpenter and private contractor Tommy’s reputation as a seasoned craftsman grew.

In 1999 his career path took a critical turn when he was accepted at the North Bennet Street School, an internationally renowned craft and trade school. There he honed and refined his native woodworking skills while learning the art of fine furniture making. It also led to a chance meeting with Bob Vila, who featured Tommy and his work on national TV in his Colonial Home project. After graduating in 2001 Tommy went to work creating world class furniture. In 2005 Bob Vila invited Tommy to create a woodworking series on his site. The Rough Cut Show taught woodworking tips and techniques for all skill levels. Creating over 200 videos that reached countless viewers honed Tommy’s new found skills as a producer and on-air talent. His work has been featured in Forbes Magazine and Boston Globe Magazine and his work was also showcased in the Boston State House Doric Hall and local museums including RISD’s renowned Pendleton House.

Tommy’s big break came in 2010 when he hit the airwaves internationally as the co-creator, co-executive producer, designer, builder and host of the series Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac. The show was an instant success and ran for seven seasons, accruing five Emmy Nominations and close to a dozen Telly Awards along the way.

Tommy’s current focus is on a passion project, Murder Matters, which aims to help surviving family members of unsolved murder victims. To learn more visit murdermatters.com.